Tipsy Tart's Journal

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 16th 2005

Well this is my first post so I suppose I had better introduce myself!

My name is TipsyTart (I had strange parents! No actually its Zoe) and I'm 18 years old, born July 1987. I have one mum (wouldn't it be weird if I had two?) and one brother (one is enough) I don't have a dad, well, I do, but lets not go there. I wish I had a sister. I also have an auntie, an uncle, one male cousin and his wife and one female cousin and her fiance. A very small family. Oh and of course there are my two babies- my two dogs. Sam is a five year old Shih Tzu and Maddie is a Gordon Setter puppy born 15/8/2005.

Not much else to say!